4 Easy and Healthy Breakfasts.

I know  that most of you start your mornings bright and early with not too much time to spare. I’m in the same boat and really always have been. Whether it was rushing to make it to school on time, to work or waking up with baby, my breakfasts tend to be fast and easy. Here are some options I have heavily leant upon.


1. Fruit and Low Fat Cottage Cheese 

This is a great low fat and high protein option. It’s filling and takes a few seconds to fill your bowl. Currently I’ve been using blueberries as my fruit. No prep or cutting, just toss them in!


blueberries and low fat 2% cottage cheese

2. Yogurt, Fruit and Granola

My husband typically has this for breakfast. It gives him a dose of probiotics and a well rounded balance of protein, carbohydrates and fruit. Go easy on the granola though!

3. Fruit, String Cheese and Nuts

When I need breakfast on the go, this option is perfect! Typically I will have raw almonds because they are filling and super nutritious. Plus I think they are delicious.

4.  Over Hard Egg, Wheat Toast and Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes

Sounds fancy but it takes 5 minutes tops to make! I season it with Italian seasonings, sea salt and pepper. You get some veggies, and lots of protein with your egg. This is a classic favorite of mine! 


egg, sliced cherry tomatoes and wheat toast

I hope this gives you some new inspiration to make your breakfast more than just coffee! Happy eating 🙂


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