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New Hairstyles? I think YES!

So I’ve really been pulling myself out of the, buns-are-easy-so-I-wear-them-daily rut lol. I digress, I won’t confirm nor deny that my hair is currently in a bun right now.. But yesterday it wasn’t! So as an ode to creativity and fun times with my hair, I’m going to post some new styles I’ve tried recently.

Large Twists into a Side Bun  

This was done on freshly co-washed hair. I love how thick my twists turn out on wet hair! It was a cute style that led to stretched hair the next day. 


French Twist Up Do  

This was done on a stretched twist out. I used Eco styler gel to lay down the fly always. It’s a huge go to these days! 

Large Twisted French Roll

I’m experimenting with more ways to wear twists after washing. I need a good stretch the first day but I still want my hair to look nice. This style was a winner! 


Do you like any of these? How are you wearing your hair these days? Share below! 

Happy Saturday gals! 


5 thoughts on “New Hairstyles? I think YES!

  1. These are all super lovely!! I’m so glad I found your new blog. I’ve been searching for “Natural with Kendra” at random times, hoping to find it back online. So I’m just thrilled to have found your new spot. Trust that you and your family are doing great.

    I miss your posts and I hope to see some new ones soon.

    Stay blessed!


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