Minimalism. The Quest.

Recently I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with stuff. Material things. Anyone who has been to my home knows that I’m not one to have tons of clutter or random objects everywhere. Yet and still I feel the need to really start assessing my things and downsizing.  

As I’m starting this journey, and going through items room by room, I want to start asking myself, why do I have this? Do I love this? Would I be okay if I didn’t have it? 

When you think about it, there are things that just accumulate because we can’t decide what to do with it, how to wear it, when to use it, etc. I’m excited because I think cleaning will be so much easier with less things. My home will be more open and filled with things that we all love and bring us joy. 

wall art in my home ❤

Purging my home actually started about a year ago. (Having your first child really helps you to put into perspective what matters). I started feeling more courage to tackle the “sentimal and unsure” baskets and boxes in our closets and under our bed. The more I did it, the more I wanted to do it and the happier I became. So, I’m at it again! 

Beyond anything else, stuff is just stuff. I want to travel light and not become too weighted down by material things. Heaven is my ultimate destination and helping to build the kingdom of God is my focus!

Care to join me on my journey? 


2 thoughts on “Minimalism. The Quest.

  1. Amen sista. When I moved, I got rid of so much clothes. I got to the point I felt kinda convicted that I had so much clothes. It really made me double check myself in that aspect.


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