Howdy all (:

IMG_2464 (1)Well it has been quite a bit of time since we have talked, now hasn’t it? I just recently discovered that I think I still have a lot to share and talk to you about. Life is definitely different these days.

My son is 2 years old, and we are expecting another little boy in September. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and feeling every bit of it 🙂 It’s so amazing how life just unfolds with so many twists, turns, joys, surprises, and uncertainties. I look back over the past years and I am so blessed. Life is beautiful, rich and lovely. I can’t complain one bit.

Can’t wait to share more with you all. How are you? How is your life?


5 thoughts on “Howdy all (:

  1. Hey Kendra!!
    I miss you so much. You are the only reason why I decided to go natural 5 years ago. I love your testimony and I admire your walk with God . You are such a great example for people like me. Thank you for all the encouragement you have given me over the years through your blogs. You’ve helped me to embrace who I really am, and you’ve helped me realize how important it is to live for God, no matter how hard life gets.

    I was so excited when Crystal told me you were expecting another baby. I can’t wait to see you at her wedding. She’s going to be having it at your church.

    I love you so much, thank you for everything!! 🙂 ❤


  2. Hi Kendra!
    It’s so good seeing this post! I’m so thankful you all are doing well! Congratulations on your 2nd little boy! I can’t wait to see pics of him! I’m praying you have a continued safe pregnancy and delivery! God bless you and your family richly! 😀


  3. Hello, Kendra!
    So glad to see that you are doing well! I followed your blog when you were on blogger. Happy I found you again! Congrats on the pregnancy will keep you and your family in prayer!


  4. Hi Kendra!
    It’s good to see a new post from you! So lovely to see you are expecting again! I just had my first baby, a boy, back in October 2016. I’m sure you have all kinds of thoughts in your head about going from one child to two! Please keep us updated on how everything is going!


  5. Praise God!!
    I think of you often. When I received the revelation about the woman’s uncut hair being her glory in 2010 . . . . . .searching the internet to see if there were anyone of like faith and race walking in this revelation. I know that I was a “God Thing” when I came across your blog. Yes, congratulations on your pregnancy. You’re looking well. Looking forward to staying connected. God bless.


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